Grimm Writer

Writing Fables using Artificial Intelligence

Grimm Writer is a deep neural network that uses LSTM (Long Short Term ) layers to give it the power to generate stories based on the writing style of fables written by the Grimm Brothers.

How it Works


Here's a Story written by Grimm Writer!:

In old times, when wishing was having, there lived a king whose daughters were all beautiful, but the youngest was so beautiful that they did not one of which the time was out of the time , but it was more with them to go on the forest by the forest. And one must be up in the old woman and could one with the old woman.

He took her in his great mother of him, and the mother took her with his; and when the king was a golden this time to him his beautiful from the maiden. his wife was more with a great golden asked, but “you with a” asked he which you had more has a beautiful get home.

As then as one from the golden more. then they thought, we “shall be more from asked, now “shall I are the evening, when we are do up, give you the maiden to the golden other again, and take a other.

We shall have been a golden house. I will get no more must be away. the mother has golden.

If I did not come. I am great home, but they were all; and down home.

When the king’s daughter was great man asked, he “will you however!

Do we for me: Do it with you, however, who has good has here! here has me!

Me have I must be back again, golden has no give me get shall of this more, but this has a wife, and has great wife where from the away with which. they has thought, there, let me let me have I give”

We will be back and well, and he do up!

You have them! but at last is time down with the! we then more”

The king asked the back, who “do you to be! but the wife

Not give her it more has come back, and has golden one would take her with great now she great the golden woman, however, could take get a beautiful. but then one more from her by the forest, and queen, there is evening the golden house.

However, she was no one of the other, he and thought to last, this “shall I get away, and has come back to my come, away.

You will come to well, other must be; and we must take them home then you. If I will do you back we must be! asked him came with you.

But you have come back, and has golden other on be with a great house, and the maiden daughter to the mother we down, the golden son then we.

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